Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Emma's very special birthday..

The following posts are all about Emma's 7th birthday..i mean really..from the time she woke up until she blew out her candles at about 9 p.m. that night. She partied hard all day and wanted the next day to be her birthday as well. We did not have her party until a couple of weeks later and I will post those pics soon! WOW! I cannot believe she is SEVEN years old!!

Emma turns 7!

Emma gets to open one present on the morning of her birthday..

Don't forget about me momma..

Surprise! A new backpack for 1st grade!

Modeling the new backpack, lunchbox, and pencil case..
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The Birthday Girl all ready..

I'm ready for my big day momma..

Don't I look adorable??
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Birthday Breakfast!

Emma and I had breakfast at our fave place Beans & Cream! Enjoying that donut em??

Yum, frozen hot chocolate!
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Emma's day of being pampered. She enjoyed a mani pedi and a colorful updo at salon 7!
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Birthday dinner at Pepper's!

Wait it's not my birthday??? No presents for me!!

Kissy kissy

no pictures please

Who do ya think I look like??
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Thanks Mimi for my gifts!!



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Emma's BIG birthday present!!


I think we officially have the coolest backyard in the neighborhood!

First trip down the slide! Weeeeee!
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Can you guess what the theme of her birthday was???

It was a day full of PRESENTS!!

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Emma's birthday cake that her Nana made for her!!

Make a wish...
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