Sunday, March 1, 2009

Santa did come!!

Yeah, the Hannah Montana Malibu mansion!!

The Barbie party cruise ship..I think we kept Mattel in business this Christmas!!

Look what Santa put in my stocking!!

How sweet..
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Look a wagon for both of us!!

Oh, Santa you shouldn't have..JUST what I wanted!!

Wait I wanna try it out too..poor Zach (the Elf)

WOW! A kitchen that's my size..check it out sister!!
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Twas the Night before Christmas..

Ok..So I know these pictures are 2 months what
Yes, my son has THAT much hair that he can wear a ponytail holder in it..he has had a haircut since then, I will post pictures later..

It took several attempts to try and get a picture of these 2 in their Christmas jammies..Huntley kept screaming everytime we took away his toothbrush


Cookies for Santa..Mmmm...Thanks Pappy for the made from scratch chocolate chip cookies
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