Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter pictures!!

Emma in her Easter dress..
The sun was really bright!!
Mimi and Pappy..
Emma and I

We took a few pictures after we went to church Sunday. We visited Fairview Baptist Church which I loved!! I have been wanting to visit this church since before Huntley was born and I am so glad we got to go.

Notice Huntley is not in any of these pictures, that is because he was napping and who would want to wake a sleeping baby!!

Dying Easter Eggs and the Easter Bunny!!

Look Momma how careful I'm being...
The Easter Bunny came!..
Emma had to run and brush her hair before any photographs!..
Huntley..look at the camera..

Huntley showing us how he feels about pictures this early in the morning..
Emma got the 2 Easter Webkinz in her basket which she was very excited about since I told her that everyone was sold out of them!! Huntley loves his Little Einstein DVD the Easter Bunny brought him and his new books!!

Easter Egg Hunt!!

Emma showing me one of her finds...
Wait mom..take a picture of the purple one too...
No fear!..
She is soooo silly...
Emma and her BFF Madison who would not stop chewing her yummy candy for the picture!!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Thanks Katie for our Easter pictures!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I have been tagged!!

Rules: List 5 things that you do or dont do for A) yourself, B) child, spouse or friend, C) Stranger
For myself
1. I go to school, it may not sound like alot of fun and at times it is not. However, going to school and furthering my education is a way of securing my future as well as my family's.
2. I DVR my favorite shows..i love Young and the Restless, Jon & Kate Plus 8, and Desperate Housewives (when it came on!)
3. I clean my house daily..even if it does not stay that way very long..I cannot stand for my house to be messy and I like for my husband and kids to have a clean house to live in!
4. I have lunch and dinner dates with my friends by myself as a way to catch up and it gives me a break!
5. Blogging has been a fun way for me to track my childrens' milestones and keep up with old friends as well as make new ones.

For my Spouse and Children
1. I pray for my children and husband daily..
2. I try to show my children individualized time daily..
3. For Blake, I try and make dinner for him when I is usually something simple because I am not a great cook but he is always appreciative..
4. For Emma, I make sure that she is prepared for school and has everything she needs..we read her AR books together every night and I quiz her to make sure she is prepared for her test. I spend time with her outside..she loves to drive me through the neighborhood on the gator pretending she is a tram driver at disney world! We play on Webkinz together all the time..we stayed up really late one night during spring break playing and webkinz finally logged us of so they could maintenance the site! We watch her favorite shows like Hannah Montana together, we both get so excited when there is a new episode!
5. For Huntley, I spend the entire day meeting his needs..feeding him every 3 hours, changing him, bathing him, loving on him. My most favorite thing is just laying him in the floor and making him laugh! I read to him, sing to him (bless him!) tickle him! I most importantly make sure he is satisfied!

For Strangers
1. I work with people who have trouble communicating for whatever reason. So many of us take our ability to communicate for granted, but there are so many people who have impairments in speech and language and long to communicate..
2. I try to smile at everyone because I believe in the importance of first impressions..
3. I donate things that I no longer have any use for that is in good condition and I feel that someone else can benefit from..
4. I try to help out good causes like Operation Christmas Child and the Salvation Army bell ringers..
5. If I see someone trying to get out in traffic (and I am not incredibly late!) I try to let them out!

I tag Laura and Celeste! ( I hope you have not already been tagged!)

Monday, March 10, 2008

A Fun Night of Bowling!!

Yea, I was pretty terrible!
Blake showing off...
Me and my good friend Kelsey
Blake and I have not gone and done something just the two of us since Huntley was born so last Friday night Mimi kept the children and we met some of our friends in Starkville for dinner and bowling! We had a great time and laughed alot at our bowling abilities or the lack of!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Happy 3 Month Birthday Huntley!

Huntley is 3 months old today, I can hardly believe it. It really does not feel like it has been 3 months. He is growing so fast and learning new things everyday it seems! He has just recently started to laugh out loud when he gets really excited and he loves to "talk" to us all the time! We call him our little jabber jaws!

Last week we had his handprints done at The Carousel in Columbus by Handprints by Mitzi. She did Emma's handprints when she was 1 and I was super excited about getting Huntley's done. For Huntley's we did the "daddy print" where Blake printed his hand with Huntley's on the inside and at the top it says Daddy & Huntley and at the bottom it says Daddy's Little Man with the year. I recommend if you hear that Mitzi is making an appearance that you schedule and appointment, this is such a great keepsake! Also, the daddy print makes a great father's day gift!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Hanging out in my sister's room...

He is probably going to kill me for this one day...and no, we did not push him around in this little stroller, but his expression when we put him in there was priceless!