Wednesday, February 27, 2008

My Latest Purchase!

Someone told me about the Peanut Shell Sling for babies and I just had to check it out seeing how Huntley really loves to be held even when housework needs to be done! So, i ordered one today and I am hoping that Huntley and I enjoy it! I will post whether or not it is worth some other new moms investing in one!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Huntley is 10 weeks!

Yes, that's right my little man is already 10 weeks old! Where has the time gone? He went to the doc a couple of weeks ago and weighed 13 pounds 9.6 ounces (he's a big boy!) and he was 24 inches long! He has gained 5 pounds since his last visit and grown 2 inches! He loves to eat, he is taking 6 ounces every 3 hours unless he gets a good long nap in. He is currently still wearing his size 1-2 diapers (never heard of a 1-2 but my mom and nanny got him a box of Pampers from Sam's and that's what size it says they are) but as soon as we finish off this last package, we are moving on up to a size 2 diaper! He has outgrown all of his 0-3 month clothing, so sad, and I have been procrastinating about packing it up! He is fitting in a size 6 months well now which means I guess I will be selling all of those cute outfits on ebay that I bought from Fashion Apparel when I was guesstimating his size!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Jeans and Jewelry Day!

Here are some pics that I snapped of Emma stylin' in her jeans and new ear jewelry! She was so excited to show off her new earrings, she said she wanted to pull her hair back in a pony tail so everyone would be sure to see her earrings!

Look Who Has Pierced Ears!!

Emma decided yesterday that she was ready to have her ears pierced! Today is Jeans and Jewelry Day at school and my little fashion diva wanted to show off some sparkly new studs for the special day! She has been talking about doing it for a while, and she finally got the courage up to do it! I did not force her to do it, I told her when she was ready to get it done I would take her. I am so proud of how brave she was! She was alot braver than I ever could have been! She just made up her mind to do it and wanted to get it done and over with! So, Blake, Huntley, and I surprised her by picking her up from school early to take her to Claire's to have her ears pierced. She was super excited when I told her where we were going. As we walked into the mall, I think I was as nervous as she was but she was not backing down, she wanted to get it done! Since there was only one girl working at Claire's at the time she had to get one ear pierced at a time! I was a little concerned that after the first one she might not want the second one done, but after a few tears, she finally had pierced ears! The girl piercing her ears really bragged on how good she was! She is so proud of new earrings! She checks them out in the mirror every chance she gets, and when she walks up to you she puts her hair behind her ears so you will be sure to notice her new jewels!

Hardest Working Cleaning Lady I know!!

This is a picture of my wonderful Nanny who comes and cleans my house once a week as a way to help me out while I am in school! She works so hard while she is here, she will never know how much I appreciate her! I caught her scrubbing away on my shower doors the other day, and could not resist snapping this picture! I just love her so much and really appreciate her help!!