Saturday, May 24, 2008

End of the year kindergarten program!

Emma's end of the year kindergarten program was so cute! It had an 80's theme and all of the songs were like YMCA, Locomotion, Play that Funky Music (teacher)!
There was a slide show at the end of the program that one of the mothers had put together, and it was so precious, but I had to hold back the tears..I can't believe how fast my children are growing up! I cannot believe I am going to have a first grader!
We had a good time choosing Emma's outfit..the description of what to wear said..funky, 80's, rockstar, moviestar..So, we went to Belk and found the perfect outfit..A neon Hannah Montana outfit that Emma just fell in love with! And of course she had to spray her hair pink, unfortunately even after 3 washings it was still pink at church on Sunday!!

End of the year party!!

Emma just completed kindergarten, and they had a fun filled field day which I was able to ttend with her! She had a blast, there was alot of water to play in, a jumper, and ice cream sundaes! What more could you ask for?

Can you say...Would you like fries with that?

We had some fun with the McDonald's set a few weeks ago..I pulled it out after being in storage for a year to use for a therapy demonstration at school! Emma had so much fun with this long lost toy and so did Huntley..Emma put the little head set and hat on him and he never bothered them but he sure did look cute!!

Emma's Dance Recital

Emma took dance this past year and recently had her end of the year recital. She has decided that (quoting her) "dance is just not my thing, my thing is gymnastics" she will not be taking dance next year which I am kind of relieved about because it was on Mondays (of all days) at 4:30 (bad time) and it ran into her girl scout meeting (which she loves!). If anyone is interested the place that Emma is taking gymnastics is at is going to be offering a tone class on Sundays, and I have signed up to try and shed some of this baby weight!!

Long Time No Blog!

I have been a terrible blogger lately..I have been super busy, from finals to family vacation..I have lots to post about and I promise Haley I am going to do my duties and answer your tag!!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

The Mystery Roller..

Apparently Huntley has learned how to roll over..I layed him on his back on his floor gym the other morning and when I came back..ta dah..he was on his belly! I thought this was too funny!